The Foundation (Bio)

"insight to what is not in sight"

D.I.V. is a Yonkers, NY based Rapper/ Producer/ Engineer. Referred to by many as D.I., he possesses a unique style and sound, a New York minute work ethic, and an unorthodox approach. 

Fusing brash bars with introspective rhymes about the realities of life he delivers what he coins: "insight to what is not in sight". D.I.V. is an acronym for Destiny In Vision, which the artist explains as "the concept of man having control over his own fate. The vision is the foundation to what he becomes".

D.I.V. got started in music as a child playing his grandmother’s piano and singing before he could really put his words together. He began rapping and recording at 14 on hand held cassette decks as a hobby. From there on the music evolved along with the content, sound and level of commitment. Sut of necessity as opposed to choice, He grew keen to the art of audio engineering. although initially a burden it would later serve to compliment and diversify he understanding of sound, production and song structure. 

He lists some eclectic influences as Bob Marley, Barry White, Pink Floyd, Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Issac Hayes, The Lox, Nas, Dr Dre and the RZA.

To date D.I.V. has 4 full length projects released, numerous singles and over 20 music videos. He has graced famous NYC venues such as Webster Hall and S.O.B.’s to name a few and has been featured in notable media outlets like Hip Hop Weekly,, and Vlad TV        

Front lining his Giant G Fam-milli
Imprint, the Italian/Irish boss masterminds his team's movement towards success.  With the spirit of a hustler, heart of a lion, and determination to bring New York back to the fore front of the industry, D.I.V. is relentless in turning vision into reality.